Localization Service

Internationalization and localization are two sides of a coin. Herein, it’s all about localization services provided by Ahmedabad, Gujarat’s localization expert, Focuslingua. Best quality, 6 years experience, remarkable prices, quick turnaround and fast yet proven advanced localization process make us superior in software localization, app localization, web site localization, and localisation of training, business and marketing materials.

Many multi-national companies also give importance to localization services as they know the value of their audience and what language is comfortable for them. In global market, demand of localization services always remain high as they are exporting their products in different regions and if they want to target local audience, they must follow their local language for marketing and materials.

From Ahmedabad, Focuslingua provides class-leading Localization Translation‎ services across India and clients of other countries who are looking for localization services to target the particular audience in their own language. In the digital era, mobile applications lead the marketing and we are real expert of App Localization, so if you are in search for the same, you’ve come to very right place.

Our best localization services are avail in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Dutch, Japanese, Arabic, Italian, German, Spanish, and in more languages.

We have team of native speakers and translators who understand time zones, verbal & non-verbal signs, cultural sensitivities, colours likings, dates & time zones, and other important aspects that play a vital role when targeting the particular local audience. So far, with our economical localisation solutions, we made many clients happy, you will be the next!
– iOS App Localization
– Android App Localization
– Website & Software Localization
– Business & Marketing Materials Localization
– E-commerce products localization

If this service is something that you are looking for send us a mail on info@focuslingua.com with your details to call back. Or call us on +919998142877.