Medical/Pharmaceuticals Translation

Your search for specialist Medical and Pharmaceutical Translation Services ends here. Focuslingua is an experienced and certified translation company providing quality Medical Translation Services in whole Gujarat from its Ahmedabad located office. However, we are Ahmedabad based languages services & solutions provider, but we have clients from across India and from many other foreign countries.

Medical and Pharmaceutical translations are much focused and need great precision and expertise, here we come in with our 6-years quality experience and resources. India Healthcare Sector always looking for quality & constant accuracy packed services for translation, medical content writing, proofreading, interpretation, transcription, typesetting and localization. As a Gujarat’s number one multilingual services provider, we do care for Medical-Pharma (Healthcare) segment and provides full range of language related services at highly comparative prices.

In various languages, we deal sharply with medical and pharma related forms & documents such as clinical study protocols, pharmaceutical legislation notice, laboratories reports, doctor certificate, medical assignments, documents of medical & pharma laws, etc.

We differ from many other languages oriented agencies in Gujarat, India due to our medically trained translators who have wealth of industry experience and so far they had translated so many medical documents in various languages with highest accuracy as per client’s requirements. Every day, new technology and products come in medical & pharma sector, so our resources always keep their eyes on latest things and technologies to give their best in creative way unlike others.

We have in-house team of dedicated medical and pharma translators, proofreaders, interpreters and transcribers to handle various kinds of medical and pharmaceutical documents, contracts, case studies, case notes, brochures, policy documentation, presentation, health documents, safety documents, patents, research papers, etc. Along with translation, we are also damn good in Pharmaceutical Conferencing Interpreting.

On the whole, medical translation is in high demand in major countries and we cater it with our best resources, services and solutions, all at reasonable cost.

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