Publishing/Media Translation

Focuslingua provides 100% human translation services in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and to its overseas media and publishing sector clients. In few words, we specialise in all things translation and our dedicated translators give their best for media translation, subtitling, transcription and proofreading. Publishing sector is huge and it requires multilingual translators, content writers and typesetters to make their projects easier and effective without errors. If you are in search of such services, no matter from which country you are, you’ve come to right place.

Our dedicated translators are capable enough to deal with documents in European languages, East European languages, Middle East languages, Asian languages, and Indian languages. To provide robust translation and other languages related services & solutions, we have robust infrastructure in Ahmedabad, Gujarat with industry specialist translators, interpreters, proof-readers and transcribers.

Get our best of best Media and Publishing Translation services in English, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Urdu, Marathi, Malayalam, Nepali, Italian, German, Russian, Chinese, Dutch, Polish, Korean, Turkish, Arabic, Spanish, and in French language.

In digital world, these things are very important. And they are presentations, videos, audio clips, multimedia, biographies, autobiographies, motivational books, newspapers, magazines, and pamphlets. Individuals and many Media and Publishing agencies provide good to read, watch and listen information to world. Every country follows own language and here our role comes in focus. With skilled multilingual resources, we cater media and publishing sectors’ translation and other languages related requirements so that they can publish their book, video, audio, presentation and important documents in language they wish.

We have 6-years solid experience for media and publishing sectors. Our translators understand the concept, meaning of the word, requirements of the client, importance of grammar in particular language, placement, and font styling. We make book localization or media form localization simpler, meaningful and effective that viewers, readers or listeners would like to accept.

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